xTool Screen Printer 1.0

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The xTool Screen Printer is the first screen printing solution compatible with laser engraving.  The basic principle of how it works is the same as the traditional screen printing process.  The difference is that the graphics on the screen is done via laser engraving.  Please watch the video in the picture section to see how the process works.

Traditional Approach

The xTool Screen Printer revolutionizes the traditional craft of screen printing, which has been a key aspect of art, fashion, and culture since around 1000 CE. Even the famed series of Marilyn Monroe prints by Andy Warhol from the early 1960s were made using this technique. However, with the invention of the xTool Screen Printer, the once complex and time-consuming process of screen printing has been simplified. Now, there's no need for sticky photo emulsion, film sheets, or messy darkroom developing. No more washouts with strong chemicals and high pressure water. The xTool Screen Printer combines the joy of creating a screen print with the convenience of modern technology.

xTool's Solution with Laser

Screen printing used to be costly, lengthy, and space-consuming. But thanks to our innovative product developed over 18 months, creating is now accessible to all without the need for complex processes, equipment, or clean-up. 

Way Faster Than Ever

The xTool Screen Printer utilizes laser engraving and a two-sided coater screen to shorten the screen creation process from 1-2 days to just 1-3 hours. With no need for film printers and UV lights, this revolutionary machine makes it simple to begin your screen printing journey.

Coated Screen with EasyStretch Frame Design Ready in 30s

With 4 built-in tensioning strips and 6 fast-acting wrenches, xTool's innovative EasyStretch system streamlines the process of stretching screens to an incredible 30 seconds. It also guarantees consistent tension and enables faster and easier screen changes.

Experience the Incredible Laser-Speed

Reduce stencil creation time from approximately 24 hours to just one hour, utilizing laser technology. This allows for same-day production, improving delivery time and sample presentations. Test various inks on different substrates quickly and efficiently.

Extreme Detail with Laser

Experience unparalleled precision with the xTool Screen Printer. Our advanced technology uses a laser beam finer than a strand of hair to create stencils with up to 0.01mm accuracy, preserving every detail of your images. Achieve stunning results with ease and efficiency.

Lossless Printing Quality, Finer Reproduction

The conventional method of making stencils through exposure and high-pressure washing can cause graphical distortions, especially for inexperienced users, leading to the loss of intricate designs. xTool's alternative approach uses lasers to directly create the screen, reducing any potential inconsistency.

Quick-Release Frame Clamp, 10-Second Fast Switch

Effortlessly switch stencils and create stunning multicolor designs with the xTool Screen Printer. The quick-release frame clamp structure allows for seamless stencil changes, making the process fast and easy. Perfect for creating professional and intricate designs.

3-axis Micro Registration, Easier Tiny Adjustment

Introducing the xTool Screen Printer with a 3-axis Micro Registration system. Make precise adjustments on the fly with a vertical and two rotational axes for dynamic and accurate screen adjustments. Perfect for multi-color prints and complex printing tasks, this printer guarantees pinpoint accuracy and flawless results.

60° Hover Hinge,Minimizing Ink Spillage

Our revolutionary Hover Hinge features a 60° free-floating pivot, optimizing the printing process for large jobs. This intelligent design not only improves operational ease, but also minimizes the potential for ink leaks, ensuring pristine prints and a tidy workspace.

Z-axis AutoPress,Adapting to Varying Heights

Discover the ultimate convenience with xTool Screen Printer. Its piston-driven Z-axis auto-press allows for printing on objects up to 60mm thick, eliminating the need for extra steps when switching substrates. Experience easy height adjustments for a seamless printing process.