xTool P2 Automatic Conveyor Feeder

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The P2 Automatic Conveyer Feeder increases your working area of your P2 from 600 x 350mm to 500 x 1000mm.  It is an automatic feedthrough system that allows your P2 to process longer materials. 

The maximum processing length can even be exteded further up to 3000mm by adding more of the support rails if required. 

Please note, the P2 Riser Bease is required to use the P2 Automatic Conveyor Feeder.


Product Infomation Automatic Conveyor Feeder for xTool P2
Applicable to  xTool P2
Package Size 769×255×230mm
Product Size 687×200×135mm
Product Weight 8.045kg
Max. speed 160mm/s
Work Area
Maximum Processing Area 1000×500mm (Extendable to 3000x500mm)
Maximum Material Width 624mm
Minimum Material Width 65mm
Maximum Material Thickness 14mm


Conveyor Rail Support Hard Material Length
(including hanging in the air 30cm)
Support Processing Length
(including hanging in the air 30cm)
Basic (2 pairs)*1 39'' (1m) 34'' (0.85m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*1 64.5'' (1.64m) 58.6'' (1.49m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*2 90'' (2.3m) 84.6'' (2.15m)
Basic (2 pairs)*1+add on kit (2 pairs)*3 118'' (3m) 112.2'' (2.85m)

Soft Material:

Without Conveyor Rail, the material can be hung down on both sides of the working area of conveyor feeder.(Some soft materials need to be processed with PET tape)