NEMA 17 Vibration Damper

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NEMA 17 stepper motor damper used to reduce the noise generated by the stepper motors. Most of the stepper motor noise comes from the frame of the 3D printer or CNC machine resonating and not directly from the stepper motor. Installing these dampers reduces the amount of vibration transmitted to the frame from the stepper motors. By adding these dampers to the X and Y axis stepper motors on a 3D printer usually results in a 5-10dB noise reduction. This results in the 3D printing running more quiet than before.

These dampers are manufactured from rubber with steel reinforcing and serves as a drop in replacement to existing stepper motors. It will just offset the motor 6mm from the frame.


  • Material: Rubber with reinforced steel plates
  • Width: 54mm
  • Thickness: 6mm
  • Designed to mount to NEMA 17 motor