MPG CNC Pendant, Wired

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High quality MPG Pendant for CNC machines. This is a general wired CNC pendant that can control up to 4 Axis CNC machines. It is made from a tough soft touch plastic with metal casing on the inside. The buttons and dial have a solid and quality feel to it which makes it easy to control your CNC machine. On the pendant you can select the axis you want to move and the size of increments you want to move at with the dial. It also includes a clip to hang the pendant when not in use and a magnet backside to be able to attach the pendant to any metallic surface.

This pendant is a generic MPG pendant. We sell it prewired for the DDCS V3.1 and V4.1 CNC controller.


  • Number of axis: 4 axis
  • Increments: 1x, 10x and 100x
  • Emergency stop: Yes
  • Cable length: 2m with pigtail section for extra stretch.