MKS TMC2160-OC Stepper Driver

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Heinrich Helmbold
Information goes a long way

This is a great driver but the documentation is extremely lacking. Took me quite some time to find proper documentation. For straight forward applications this is perfect and the stepper motor runs really smooth. I can't seem to find a setting to use it on full step mode, I can only see 1/8 and smaller on the microstepping.

MKS TMC2160-OC V1.0 silent stepper driver is a high current stepper driver for NEMA 23 motors and replaces the popular TB6600 stepper driver. This driver features a TMC2160 chip from Trinamic. This means it is more quiet and has improved heat dissipation over its predecessors and supports up to 1/64 micro stepping.


  • Driver Model: TMC2160-OC V1.0
  • Maximum Current: 4.33A
  • Input Voltage: 9 - 40V DC
  • Microstepping: Up to 1/64 micro stepping
  • Optoisolated Control Inputs: Yes

Stepper Driver Connections:

Stepper Driver Connection Diagram

Stepper Driver Setting:

Stepper Driver Settings