MKS Robin Nano V3.1

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The MKS Robin Nano V3.1 is a feature packed controller board for 3D printer, CNC machine or laser in a small package. It features a 32-bit high speed Cortex-M4 processor, screen interface, 5 stepper motor channels, 3 heater channels, 2 fan controls, 4 endstop inputs, power outage input, 2 filament runout inputs, auto off input and even a built in Wifi module.

The MSK Robin Nano is works with a wide variety of LCD screen. The recommended screen is the MKS TS35 LCD screen.

This board is compatible with Marlin 2 firmware and the preconfigured firmware can be downloaded from the MKS Github site.


  • Processor: STM32F407VET6 (168MHz)
  • Flash/RAM: 512KB Flash / 192KB RAM
  • USB Disk: Supported
  • TF card: Supported (SPI3)
  • Wifi Connect: Supported (USART1 + SPI2)
  • Virtual USB Device: Supported
  • Motor Interfaces: 5 Axis
  • PWM Fans: 2 channels
  • PWM TTL: Supported
  • Independant serial port: Supported (UART3)
  • Power TVS Protection: Yes
  • LCD Supported: MKS TS35 / MKS H45 / LCD12864 / LCD2004