Linear bearing with housing, SBR12UU

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The SBR12UU bearing is a linear ball bearing with aluminium housing used on a 12mm supported linear shaft for accurate linear motion. The aluminium housing has 4 tapped holes at the bottom for easy mounting to plate or bracket.

It is generally used on 3D printers and CNC machines. The main advantage of the supported rails is that it is a lot stronger, because it is supported all the way along the rod and not just at the ends. These bearings have proven to be long lasting and provide precise low friction linear movement. General maintenance required is to clean the shafts once in a while and keep the shafts lightly oiled or greased.

There are two grub screws on each bearing, one at the top and one on the side. These two grub screws are used to set the play of the bearing on the shaft. Both these grub screws are tightened in the factory to make sure they do not fall out during shipping. This means the grub screws must be adjusted to ensure smooth linear motion on the shaft it is fitted to.


  • Model number SBR12UU
  • Designed for supported linear shaft: 12mm
  • Dynamic load rating = 420kg
  • Static load rating = 610kg

Please see the the dimensions below:

SBR Bearing Datasheet