Hot end Sock for Volcano Heater Block

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This silicone sock gets rid of the horrible blackened smear of burnt on plastic that we’ve come to know, hate, but accept as an inevitability. Instead you have a clean, attractive blue cover.

The socks are made from a silicone rubber, they are optimised for 0.40mm nozzles but as silicone is flexible these will fit nozzles from 0.25mm to 0.80mm without issues.

The underside of the sock is heavily filleted in order to avoid any nooks or crannies in which plastic loves to build up. Together with a fine surface finish on the underside they are very resilient to goop building up on them. For the most part they remain close to spotless with zero build up. Extended printing with very sticky materials can result in some minor build up, however once the hotend cools any material can easily be peeled off the non-stick surface. Keeping the hot parts clean generally makes things much nicer, screws and cartridges can be more easily changed, and nozzles more easily identified.