Creality Hyper PLA Filament, 1kg, 1.75mm, Black

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Wannabe Engineer
Super fast printing with perfect results

So you might think what makes this filament worth almost double the price of normal PLA? I can in all honesty say there is no comparison- especially if you have a K1 or K1 Max.

The K1 offers print speed of 600mm/s but this is not doable with normal PLA. It is doable with Hyper PLA and the results are superb. Prints are strong (much stronger than ordinary PLA) and you rarely get a failed print.

I want to upload a video of the printing speed in action. What I will do is create another review for the white hyper PLA - go watch the video attached to that review, it is unbelievably quick.

I've decided that I will only print in HyperPLA unless its something that requires PETG or TPU or something special. B.t.w. I think there is other Hyper filaments soon comming (like HyperABS and HyperPETG)

The attached spot welder enclosude is my custom design. Total print time was little over 60mins. It features my spot welder and dual cooling fans with a 800A jump start battery pack inside. I designed the enclosude in seperate, printer friendly parts and used a soldering iron to stick them in place.

Hyper PLA is designed for high speed printing up to 600mm/s.  With improved fluidity to speed up the printing process, greater toughness over PLA and dimensional stability for high accuracy puts Hyper PLA in a level of its own over other filaments.  The best of all is that the spool is eco friendly as part of Creality's better filament plan and the filament is neatly wounded onto the spool for a very professional look!


  • Filament: Creality Hyper Series PLA
  • Diameter: 1.75mm +- 0.03mm
  • Colour: Black
  • Filament weight: 1kg
  • Filament with spool weight: 1.29kg
  • Printing Temperature: 190°C - 230°C
  • Bed Temperature: 25°C - 60°C
  • Printing platform: Glass with adhesive, PEI Platform, Textured Paper
  • Cooling fan speed: 100%