CO2 Laser Tube, RECI, 130-160W

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This is a replacement CO2 Laser tube for a Cron CO2 Laser. It can also be used on other CO2 lasers.

RECI is a well know brand in the laser industry. Their CO2 laser tubes are seen to be the industry standard to deliver high quality laser cutting with a long service life.


  • Rated Power: 130W
  • Peak Power: 160W
  • Laser Type: CO2
  • Cooling: Water cooling required
  • Manufacturer: RECI
  • Model Number: W6
  • Tube Length: 1650 ± 20mm
  • Tube Diameter: 80 ± 2mm
  • Lifespan: 10 000h

Warranty: Replacement laser tubes carry a 6 month carry-in warranty for manufacturing defects. Damage due to the user does not fall under this warranty.

Installation diagram: