CNC Shield for Arduino Uno

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CNC shield to be used with Arduino Uno. This is a small, but powerful CNC breakout for for a CNC machine, laser cutter, plotter or engraving machine. It can run up to 4 stepper motors and is GRBL compatible to be controlled via USB with various controllers.

This shield fits on top of an Arduino Uno which makes upload firmware via USB a breeze. It also has pins for the endstops, spindle control, coolant control and emergency stop. A4988 stepper driver can be plugged in directly onto the shield or more powerful external stepper drivers can be connecter for bigger stepper motors.


  • Compatible with: Arduino Uno
  • Input voltage: 12-36V
  • Max number of stepper motors channels: 4
  • GRBL compatible: Yes
  • Hardware version: 3.0