Top 7 Reasons to buy a 3D Printer RIGHT NOW!

Top 7 Reasons to buy a 3D Printer RIGHT NOW!

Right now things have never been more in favour of purchasing a 3D Printer. It has become easier, cheaper and simpler to purchase a 3D printer and learn the basics of the craft. Entry-level 3D printers are amazingly affordable now, with many highly rated and reviewed models starting from about R4000, and there’s a wide range of affordable materials to build with. For the cost of a weekend getaway, you could have a printer that will last years humming along happily on your desk instead.


This printer could also pay for itself and put some extra bucks back into your pocket. The possibilities of making are basically endless with 3D Printing. From toys, functional parts, to prosthetics and engineering models. And if you still need convincing, with the help of All3d we have compiled a list of 7 reasons why you should buy that 3D Printer RIGHT NOW!


1. 3D Printing Will Improve Your Creativity

3D Printing isn't just about playing It’s about learning and testing the limits of your creativity, also finding new solutions to existing problems, and participating in a rapidly changing and growing field of technology! Owning a 3D printer is like having a magic wand that, with just a few hours of prep, can create almost anything you can imagine.


2. 3D Printing Will Help You Develop New Skills

Not only will 3D Printing Help you develop problem solving skills, but it will also develop your design skills as you figure out easy to use CAD (Computer Assisted Design) software like TinkerCAD to bring your ideas to life.


3. 3D Printing Can Help In Education

Many schools across the country are already adopting 3D Printing into their daily curriculum. There are already some online curriculum that can be adopted and used like My Stem Kits that has a wide range of classes for kids from grade 9-12 and in a range of STEM subjects. 3D Printing can also help spark the interest of kids to join STEM industries.


4. 3D Printing Is Lots Of Fun

Enthusiasts are creating their own super hero and cartoon figures, chess boards, tabletop games, and even miniaturized machines like catapults and crossbows. It’s also quite easy to make Legos, fidget spinners, model trains and toy cars, or even fully articulating figurines. Some of the most popular are the articulation snake and the articulating octopus. For some users, researching the most cost efficient machines, investigating which free CAD software is the most popular and user friendly, and examining filaments is an exciting journey in itself. Learning new things stimulates your mind and releases endorphins that reward pleasure centers in your brain. It also instills a sense of confidence and accomplishment as a way to reward you for your hard work.


5. 3D Printing Can Help You Make Money

Anyone can make a bit of extra cash using 3D Printing. You can print personalized cookie cutters and sell them online or even toys. Some may want to help companies do prototyping or architectural and construction firms print models.


6. 3D Printing Can Help You Make Unique Gifts

Gifting can be a very tedious and anxiety bringing exercise. It can be intimidating to try and sort through the millions of items being marketed to us daily and trying to find just the right one for someone that already seems to have so much. Of course, there’s always the worry your loved one might already have the item you’re buying, too. Imagine if you could make them something unique and original from your 3D printer, you won’t have to be concerned you’re giving them a duplicate. People are also more receptive to personalized gifts made specifically for them, too. It exemplifies a certain kind of understanding about someone to create an original item for them, and thoughtfulness always wins brownie points. With 3D Printing, you can.


7. 3D Printing Is Technology For The Future

Investing in any kind of technology can be intimidating – what if it quickly becomes obsolete or outdated? Fortunately, experts in the field tell us that 3D printing, while widespread, is still in its relative infancy. The speed with which the technology is being adopted by universities, hospitals, and engineers alone should tell us all we need to know. It’s only going to get bigger, more popular, and better. 3D printing has already transformed the world irrevocably into a time clearly split between before and after the technology was widely available. Much like the internet, things will continue to expand. So buying a 3D printer and learning how to use it will prevent you from falling behind and getting lost in the past.

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