Metal Hot end, V5 with Bowden connector, 1.75mm filament, 0.4mm Nozzle

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This V5 Metal Hot End is based on the original E3D V5 Hot End design. This hot end is not manufactured by E3D, but is the generic version. This hot end is a hybrid between the J-head hot end and the All Metal hot end, because it has the sturdy metal structure of the All Metal hot end with a cooling fan and the easy to use internal structure of the J-Head hot end with the high temperature PTFE liner. It uses a fan to constantly blow over the cooling fins to cool down the hot end quickly enough for accurate printing. This is a easy to use, high quality hot end and has been tested with ABS, PLA, Nylon, PC and Flexible filament and up to a temperature of 260 Deg C. This hot end comes with cooling fan, heater cartridge and thermistor.

  • This hot end is for 1.75mm filament and with a 0.4mm brass nozzle.
  • It comes installed with a 12V fan and bracket for cooling as well as a 12V, 40W heater cartridge and 100k thermistor with leads.
  • Bowden connector included for 4mm tube.

Note: It is possible that the hot end might leak plastic at the heater block when it is used for the first time. This is because the nozzle was tightened at room temperature and when the hot end is heated up to printing temperature, a small gap is created between the nozzle and the heat break. To solve this, loosen the grub screw that locks the nozzle (if present) and heat the hot end to printing temperature. Hold the heater block with pliers and tighten the nozzle with a spanner a little bit at a time so that the nozzle seats on the heat break. When done, tighten the grub screw onto the nozzle again. Please see the Product Videos section for a video on this or watch the YouTube video here.