Anycubic Photon M3 3D Printer

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The Photon M3 is the best value for money resin 3D printer on the market at the moment. Have a look at the video in the picture section and see for your self.

With a 4K+ resolution LCD screen, decent size build volume, laser engraved build plate and an new version of Photon Workshop slicer, this printer is not to be underestimated. It might be an entry level printer, but the print quality is very good and the printer is very capable.

Remember to add resin to your order, as there is no resin included with the printer.


  • 3D Printer type: LCD based UV SLA
  • Software : ANYCUBIC Photon workshop (Included)
  • Connectivity : USB
  • Light-source: High-quality UV LEDs(wavelength: 405nm)
  • XY Resolution: 0.040mm (4098x2560(4K+)monochrome LCD)
  • Z Axis Resolution: 0.01mm
  • Layer Resolution: 0.01 - 0.15mm
  • Printer Size : 269mm(L) x 256mm(W) x 425mm(H)
  • Build Volume: 164mm(L)x 102mm(W)x 180mm(H)
  • Resin used: 405nm UV Resin
  • Net Weight: 7kg